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Sand Dollar Cottage

Our Sand Dollar private beach cottage is the ideal choice for honeymooners and others seeking ultimate seclusion and natural tranquility. It is located a distance from the resort's other rooms and sits only steps from the beach in a grove of swaying Casuarina pines.

Hexagonal in shape and generous in size, the cottage has a cool and inviting interior with a king bed, a large bathroom and shower, a traditional Caribbean stone floor and a spacious screened-in porch. Soothing breezes are ever-present. A newly constructed outdoor shower with bamboo privacy screen has become a popular feature of this luxury villa rental.

Sea grapes and tropical foliage surround the cottage and, directly in front lies a thatched hut with beach chairs overlooking the sea.

Booking well in advance is recommended as this is our most popular rental.

"Our rule was to not stay at the same resort for back to back to back visits. Let's just say we are heading back to Pine Cay for the 4th consecutive year..."
Vermont, USA