John Hamilton’s On-The-Go Travel and Leisure Show Interviews Mike Theil from Hideaways International

Secluded, romantic beach getaway on Pine Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands receives wonderful review

Listen to a brief radio interview about The Meridian Club with Mike Theil from Hideaways International on KGO San Francisco. The interview was part of John Hamilton’s On-The-Go Travel and Leisure Show, on KGO 810 AM.

Radio Interview

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Finding Love at the Heart Centre Hospital

Celebrating a Valentine’s Day Engagement for Meridian Club Staff Member

It is with great pleasure that we announce the engagement of Avianne Adolph to Mcdonald Penn on February 14th, 2014, exactly 1 year after their first date.

The happy couple will be married in Jamaica in September 2014.

Newly Engaged

And here’s Avianne’s story:

We met on February 1st, 2013 in Nassau, Bahamas at the Heart Centre Hospital. I had accompanied my Mom who was battling breast cancer at the time and had already done her Chemo treatment in Provo and was scheduled to have her radiation treatment at the hospital in Nassau. Mac was there for a heart treatment, because he had suffered from a heart attack in January. He approached us and we spoke for a long while. We departed to Providenciales on the same flight, sitting next to each other.

We had our first date on February 14th, 2013 and a year later on the same date, he asked me to marry him and I accepted! We plan to get married on September 6th, 2014 in Jamaica.

Mcdonald Penn, my fiancé is 41 years old, and a Turks Islander. He is a car mechanic at Express Equipment, Providenciales – a Canadian based company. His parentage is from the islands of North Caicos and Grand Turk. He has spent 22 years in the United States working with the Yellow Cab Company and has been back home for 5 years.

He is funny, friendly, caring and an extremely hard worker. And my Mom loves him!  That is important to me.”

From all of us at The Meridian Club and from the guests who know and love you, “Congratulations and Best Wishes for a lifetime of happiness!”

Getting Married In the Turks and Caicos Islands

The Meridian Club: A Private Wedding Like No Other

So engagement season is coming to a close (did you know about 80% of engagements happen between November through February)? It makes sense though. With being Thankful at Thanksgiving, and then you have Christmas, Chanukah, the New Year, and of course Valentine’s Day being the day of Love. Or perhaps you were a history major and wanted to honor the president’s birthday? Now that the engagement part is over, comes the wedding planning.

Did you ever consider small, private, remote, secluded island where it could be just you and yours? Perhaps the only people on this island would your very closest friends and family? Sounds like a dream – it is. Sounds like it’s impossible – it isn’t. Sounds like it costs more than a mansion – it doesn’t. People have been coming to Pine Cay for years to say their vows. Some of them children of frequent guests and others come because they have family on Provo. Second weddings and vow renewals are also very popular here.

Will you marry me?

Weddings on Pine Cay are mostly managed by The Meridian Club staff or bride, with some input from other vendors on Provo if necessary.

Size of party

The remote island has planned weddings that are small, just “she” and “he”, and larger ones that book out the whole club of 13 units. Some even spill out into one of the 12 homes in the rental pool. The wedding party loves this atmosphere because they really get to enjoy each others company in an intimate setting, while also getting alone time and privacy from the others. Due to the 800-acres of private island offering two miles of pristine beach, most weddings tend to have a beach theme.
Wedding Party Pine Cay


To get married in the Turks and Caicos Islands you must establish residency by being on the island a minimum of 3 business days. Prior to arrival a magistrate or Justice of the Peace (JP) on Providenciales will be in touch with the Bride and Groom about the documentation requirements.

There are certain items which you must complete prior to arrival in the Turks and Caicos, such as confirming that you are single based on a search in the registry in your home country, providing divorce documentation to prove your status should this be the case, confirming your widow/widower status if applicable, getting parental consent for a certain age, and/or having your passport translated should it be in a language other than English.

Wedding Bed

On your day of arrival, a taxi will take you to the office of the magistrate to finalize the Application for a Marriage License Form and the Declarant Application Form. This puts things in motion for wedding itself a few days down the road. Usually this same person, the Marriage Officiate, comes to Pine Cay with the properly processed documents and performs the ceremony.

Though The Meridian Club will locate a pastor of a specific religion upon request, this person usually does not handle legal issues. In that case couples would need to involve both the magistrate and pastor. Click here for more information about Marriage License requirements in the Turks & Caicos Islands. To contact the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages please call 649-926-2800.


Floral arrangements are typically done on-site, though larger arrangements and special requests have been honored and addressed by florists on Provo. The arrangements tend to incorporate a lot of indigenous flowers to Pine Cay, which make the accents that much more special.
Wedding Cake


The pastry chef usually creates a beautiful cake, after conferring with the bride and groom about preferences.


Our options are pretty wide open, though typically the bride usually hire a DJ or use a loaded Ipod for background music. Sometimes, the couple may Popular with many brides is the saxophonist that comes from Provo.Wedding Dining

Pine Cay: The Place Where Anyone Can Just “Be”

Stars Among Us?

By Susan Clark McBride
LinkedIn Profile

There’s something magical about meeting someone on Pine Cay, connecting instantly, and forming a friendship that lasts. It happens, is conducive. You discover and enjoy a remote island together – bonded by what brings you to a special place like this in the first place. You depart with sand in your shoes and dear friends to plan your next visit around, delighted when that happens and disappointed when your calendars can’t coordinate.

Such is the case with Liv and Steve.

It began with a poolside chat, comparing who’s reading what, discovering we all come to the island to swim and sail, snorkel and kayak, get away . . . sitting together at dinner, enjoying spirited games of dominoes in the upstairs bar at the Club after. Moving on to create delicious meals in each others kitchens from what remained of groceries purchased in Provo . . . until finally, one evening, as we raced to the dock in a golf cart just in time to make the Glow Worm Cruise, fragments of conversations got the best of us.

So finally we asked. “Who are you?” It didn’t matter. We really didn’t care. A lot of people “are.” And frankly, Pine Cay is just the place to not care about who’s who. But we’re becoming fast friends and enough random comments have played into our conversations. Curiosity’s piqued. So we ask, “Who are you?!”

With a wink and a dimpled smile, he admits: Hollywood producer. Dozens of movies. Lots of our favorites. Heart tuggers and heart stoppers. Innovative, break-through films debuting state-of-the-art technology. Academy Award winner, including Best Picture. Oscars, Golden Globes, Peoples Choice awards. What do you know…Topics for future conversations, future vacations together.

Second inevitable question, one as homeowners we ask every guest, “How did you find Pine Cay?” It’s almost always an interesting answer. In this case, a coincidence. The proverbial planets aligned. After reading about Pine Cay and the Meridian Club in a magazine, Steve and his crew filmed at a homeowner’s in Vermont. The topic of Pine Cay came up they planned their first of many visits.

I wonder what Steve and Liv did during this year’s Academy Awards on March 3rd? Who were they rooting for? Were they sitting in the audience? But, actually, what I really need to know is when they’re heading back to Pine Cay so we can coordinate calendars and play dominoes after dinner.

Pine Cay – the place where anyone can just “be” and wonderful friendships can form.

Family Reunions in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Getaway to Secluded Island Resort Restores Balance to Busy Families

Busy Kids, Busy Parents

“Hyper scheduled” is a word used much more frequently to describe the lives our children lead today. Parents race from one lesson to another, juggling their children’s commitments with car pooling, meal planning and homework. After school activities rotate around a gamut of team sports, music lessons, religious classes, martial arts, dance, swimming, and so much more. And sometimes even school holidays don’t bring an end to all the activities.

Clinical psychologist, Paula Bloom, states, “Parents need to teach their kids to balance human doing with human being.”

So what do both parents and children really want? After months of recitals, lab reports, and swim meets both groups may simply have the desire to stop and do absolutely nothing, even if only for a few days. No phones, television, computers, carpooling, racing from one appointment to the next, or cold dinners on the fly. Nothing.

A Family That Plays Together….

The Frost family knows just how important down time is to their family of 16. They visited Pine Cay with their adult daughters and their spouses in 2004. In 2009, the whole family of 16 came to The Meridian Club for a memorable reunion and they are already planning their third family reunion escape to Pine Cay – with their 3 daughters and their spouses, and 8 grandchildren – in June 2014.

Family Reunions Pine Cay

Below are 3 unedited contributions from daughters Cindy, Debbie and Sarah, about the time they spent on Pine Cay with their spouses, children and parents.


“The Meridian Club allows families to escape to a place of the past. A getaway without computers, televisions, and cell phones, bringing family conversations, games, and laughter that is hard to find in this busy, media-filled world. Children play outside, snorkeling, building sand castles, swimming, and exploring the uncharted, safe island on bike, foot, and golf cart. Meanwhile adults catch up, or catch a nap… Relaxing is the Meridian Club’s middle name. It’s a place where people can let their hair down and unwind in an unbelievably beautiful setting, shoeless and carefree. Cocktail hour is always a fun event, whether watching the sunset or getting ready for Jump Up, the staff makes the evenings special for all ages. I can’t wait to go back.”

Pine Cay Kayaking


Pine Cay…is a very special place. We were fortunate enough to experience The Meridian Club with our children in June of 2009, (currently 13 yrs old and 14 yrs old), with our extended family and even more fortunate to be returning with the whole clan again this upcoming summer! The Meridian Club is a place to take a break from our busy schedules, our busy deadlines and set aside our ever busy devices. The family time spent in such a beautiful setting was priceless. Our children kept busy exploring the island on bikes and beach walks, snorkeling with Raymond, deep sea fishing, staying up late for movie night, sneaking (amazingly tasty) cookies in the afternoon and relaxing – playing cards and reading books! June is an ideal time to be at The Meridian Club with children. We felt as though we had the island to ourselves and there was a friendly calm to the air. I don’t know who is more excited about our upcoming trip, our kids or us!

Pine Cay Jump Up


I can’t think of a better place to spend time with family then The Meridian Club. Of course you have the beautiful scenery, but what really sets The Meridian Club apart is its remote location. I love the fact that you are on the island with maybe 10 other guests. When we went with our family we were lucky enough to be the only guests! Imagine being surrounded by the beautiful Caribbean blue water and having miles of sandy beaches to yourself. The staff at The Meridian Club is irreplaceable. They make you feel as though you are a part of their family. They take care of everything for you. Your only responsibility is to relax and enjoy yourself! Every morning, Raymond took us out to the best snorkeling spots. The reefs are in pristine condition. We also spent time cruising the island in golf carts and bikes, playing casual tennis and beach games. It was refreshing for the kids to have no electronics and make their own fun! The Meridian Club is the perfect family destination.

Meridian Club Family Months

The best part of planning a family reunion on Pine Cay is that with only 13 beach units it not impossible to have the whole place to yourself.

Family Months at The Meridian Club, Pine Cay

Every June and July are Family Months at the Meridian Club, a private island resort located on Pine Cay a short boat ride from Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Discounted room rates (buy one get one at 50% off) during these two months means that families can choose this time for a special reunion event at the resort by inviting grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins.

Customize Your Family Reunion at The Meridian Club

The Meridian Club offers guests the luxury of unhurried days of snorkeling over colorful coral reefs, swimming in the shallow turquoise waters, playing on the blindingly white sand beach, and dining on some of the most refined cuisine in the Caribbean.

Family reunions are special times; a time to reconnect, share stories, and marvel at how the children have grown so fast. To capture the joy and relaxed pace of these idyllic days, The Meridian Club lets you call the shots on how you wish to spend your days. Choose when you wish to go on snorkeling excursions, when you would like to have dinner served, whether you want to dance the night away, spend it in quiet conversation in the upstairs lounge or tell stories around a beach bonfire.

A Gift of Time for the Whole Family

Guests to The Meridian Club often return during June and July with their children and grandchildren to carve out a perfectly serene experience with the ones they love. And because of how well families do without schedules and phones, they tend to book with The Meridian Club as often as they can and as far in advance as possible. Because sometimes for those of us with such busy schedules, the thought of a summer holiday on an impossibly beautiful Caribbean island is exactly what we need to get us through the breakneck pace of our lives away from Pine Cay.

Celebrate Christmas and New Year’s in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Every Day is Extraordinary on Pine Cay, but Nothing Compares to the Holiday Week

Ever wonder what it’s like to live on a private island among the residents, feel like you are part of their tranquil community, while enjoying your own much-needed vacation? Or perhaps you want to know what elves do should they live near the equator? Well, wonder no more. Here is a day-by-day (not any day-by-day either) account of what happened this year on Pine Cay, one of the world’s secluded island resorts, during the holidays.

Best Day of the Week

December 24th – ’twas the night Christmas, and all through the island, not a creature was stirring…well, actually, the “eve” was celebrated with caroling, eggnog, and the usual pre-Christmas cheer. Many thanks to Jennifer for providing instrumentals (by putting bells on her toes!) and enhancing our rendition of Jingle Bells.
December 25th – Bev and Wally, Managers of The Meridian Club, decked out in elf costumes, then greeted guests, owners and residents before services were given poolside. Makes one wonder, where else on earth can you go to services given poolside? This was followed by a feast befitting Whoville and a sing-along of the 12 Days of Christmas specific to life on Pine Cay, including “FIIIVE ROLLLLING STOOOONES” to acknowledge the Stone family.
December 26th – We hosted our own version of Yankee Swap with what we call “Bad Santa”. Naughty, nice, whatever, it was all good.
December 27th – The Smith family (one of many on the island, just take your pick) hosted Bingo Night. Attendees followed the shiny nose to their house and stayed up well past bedtime!
December 28th – The weekly high season festive Jump Up! pool party was a smash, though it did not feature Dasher, Dancer, Prancer or even Vixen, it did include…plenty of tasty morsels from Shane and his elves in the kitchen.
December 29th – You say you have been to a water park, but have you been to the Slip ‘N Slide in the tropics? Maybe you should join us next year and get a taste, or a splash of it?
December 30th – Even our little island needs a day of rest, once in a while! Bah Humbug you say? No, no, our romantic beach getaway was getting ready for yet another celebration.
December 31th – We “Auld Lang Syne’d”(which literally means “Good Old Days”) to fireworks and a cake decorated like Magic Kingdom.
January 2nd – Pine Cay’s weekly in-season Sand Dollar Cinema featured a 30 minute animated short titled Merry Madagascar.
And to all a good night, er, year.

Press Release: Feb 2014

Changing only what’s necessary – The Meridian Club on Pine Cay, Turks & Caicos Reopens with upgrades and new features

Turks & Caicos Islands (February 12, 2014), – The Meridian Club on Pine Cay reopened 90 days ago with fanfare, celebrating new upgrades and property features, while also offering packages that would appeal to different guests. As one frequent guest likes to describe the experience, “this is a place where everyone is the same, no matter age or type of travel group, we all seek this pristine experience.” So, this year’s changes seek to address the varied audience that is attracted to the remote and secluded private island in the Caribbean.

New Features

As happens every year in summer, the staff has been busy on a variety of upgrades, which include (1) a new dock space that moves up and down with the tide (making embarkation easier), (2) new water sports equipment such as Hobie cat wave sailboat, sea kayaks and paddle boards, (3) the largest and yet not noticeable is new electric cable throughout the island, (4) a new gift shop with logo-d items, and (5) staffing changes which include a new pastry chef (along with changes to the dining area to accommodate more enjoyable dining experience) and a new yoga instructor.

New People

The biggest news on this private island is the introduction of a yoga program, called Pine Cay Yoga. As of early December, the property offers yoga on a weekly basis, every Wednesday morning. Laura Mensen is originally from Canada but lived in the Turks & Caicos until 8 years old, then returned to Canada to continue her education and came back to the Turks & Caicos in recent years. She started practicing yoga alongside her father over 15 years ago and completed her training in Fort Lauderdale, FL and Asheville, NC, and now resides on Provo. Her Pine Cay Yoga classes will be held in the morning in the lounge, with astounding endless beach views, at a cost of $20. In addition to Laura, the property also has a new pastry chef.

Yoga on Pine Cay

Special Packages

Fishing: For guests who book five nights or longer and reserve a fishing excursion, they will get a free bottle of wine, use of a golf cart for a day, and a discount for a massage in the spa. More info.

Romance: For honeymooners, or those who feel like they are on one, the Romance Package includes a special private dining experience.

Families: The months of June and July are family months, which means children of six and older are welcome at the Club (a real treat). Bookings of five nights or more result in a discount for the child staying in the room. More info.

Summer Value-Ad: For May, June and July, bookings of five nights or longer will receive a bottle of wine and free use of a golf cart for a day (though it is recommended not to redeem both at the same time!); available upon request. More info.

Pine Cay is a remote private island that is part of the Turks & Caicos, ideal for a secluded beach getaway or private island vacations. All reservations at The Meridian Club, which has 12 beach suites and one private beach cottage, include breakfast, lunch, dinner and basic activities such as kayaking, using the snorkel gear, playing tennis, taking the bikes around the island, learning to paddle board, etc., though additional activities can be provided at a fee, such as SCUBA diving, a variety of fishing experiences, spa services and golfing. Private taxi and boat transfers are also included in the nightly rates, which start at $840. For more information, contact or visit

Secluded Island Resort in the Turks and Caicos Islands Holds on to Traditions of Days Gone By

The Tradition of The Bell

By Susan Clark McBride
LinkedIn Profile

Come to Pine Cay – but leave your driver’s license, shoes, and gadgets at home. Including your watch. After all, a true respite on a remote island means sinking into a place where time is irrelevant.

As a guest at the Meridian Club or in one of the private homes, you’re likely savoring a romantic beach getaway. You can choose to rise with the sun or sleep in. Let your body clock be your guide. Breakfast will likely still be available. And, not to worry, even without knowing precisely what time it is, you won’t miss the morning snorkel excursion or evening movie at Sand Dollar Cinema because you’ll sense guests gathering by the front desk. And of course, you’ll certainly be aware of another blissful day ending as the sun dips below the horizon and a spectacular sunset paints the sky. So relish the fact that for a few precious days or weeks, time is not in control – you are.

Don’t even fret about being late for any of the Meridian Club’s gourmet meals, as a charming tradition of Pine Cay is the timely ringing of “The Bell.”


A substantial metal rendition, the Bell at the Meridian Club stands firmly and proudly on a step leading from the sand path to the front entrance of the main building. The Bell is a fixture of the island, a reflection of the low-tech culture and beloved part of Pine Cay history. In one sense, an interesting artifact. In another, a practical tool.

At approximately 1 PM and 7:30 PM, headwaiter Wesley Handfield heads purposely down the walkway to call guests to lunch and dinner – “approximate” because the chef, kitchen crew and dining room staff must deem all is ready and up to Pine Cay standards before he can perform this important twice-daily ritual. When the time is right, Wesley firmly rings the Bell with a metal spike, setting off a series of 20 or so sharp pings that resonate throughout the Club grounds and beyond. This soon-to-be-familiar signal means it’s time for you to toss on a cover-up or t-shirt and meander to lunch or finish your cocktail and stroll to dinner. But don’t rush. You’re on Pine Cay.


Those of us who’ve been coming to the island since the beginning of its “civilization” can’t remember where the Bell came from or exactly when the tradition of ringing the Bell began. The Bell has simply “always been,” serving a practical, thoughtful purpose. As original homeowners explored and settled, communal meals at the Club created an important connection point. The unique and lovely island resort was taking shape and its important culture being discussed and established. Lunch and dinner were not to be missed. The Bell brought us together to compare notes, make decisions, and regale over the latest adventures in paradise.

We love the fact that the Bell’s been gathering everyone since the early ’70s. It’s more than just a pretty face and so much nicer than checking your watch.

Read More:

Don’t just take our word for it; the bell makes an impression on everyone who visits the island. Read the article which appeared in Uncommon Caribbean.

Yoga Classes Enhance The Meridian Club Experience

Secluded Island Resort in Turks & Caicos Welcomes Weekly Yoga Sessions with Laura Mensen

Guests of The Meridian Club on Pine Cay may now participate in weekly yoga sessions every Wednesday morning. Yoga on Pine Cay sessions will be guided by Laura Mensen, Yoga Instructor, and students can expect to experience a warm and caring yoga class that is both informative and precise as well as liberating and free flowing.

09“In Class my wish is for students to let go of EGO and find inner awareness and move consciously – listening to your body and respecting where it is at on any given day at any given time,” she states.

Laura encourages inner awareness and presence of mind during her classes as well as light hearted humor and constructive humility. Her philosophy on yoga is, “that it is a life practice with an infinite amount of teachings and lessons – it is much more than “asana” – which are the postures we do in a class.” Students may also choose the option of hands-on assists during classes to both encourage healing and provide guidance through postures and movements.

09Yoga is much more than a physical practice on the mat, but a life practice that guides you to be a better person in body, mind and spirit. Laura encourages her students to practice yoga on and off the mat.

08For more details, click here.

Yoga on Pine Cay

Yoga on Pine Cay classes will be held early morning in the lounge, with astounding endless beach views at a cost of $20. Guests are asked to register for upcoming sessions in the lobby and to dress comfortably for yoga practice.

About Laura Mensen

10Laura began the practice of yoga alongside her father over 15 years ago. She completed her 200 hour training through The Barkan Method School of Hot Yoga, Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2008 and recently graduated from her 500 hour yoga training through the Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville, NC.

As a former Spa Therapist, Laura believes in the healing powers of touch. She has been teaching group classes and private one-on-one sessions, as well as facilitating Wellness Retreats in the Turks and Caicos Islands for over 5 years. As a long-time resident of the Turks and Caicos, Laura is thrilled to be able to share yoga and wellness with her community.

In addition to living, teaching, and constantly learning yoga, Laura is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, offering nutrition consulting on island and abroad. She also has a small juicing business delivering fresh made green juices to on island residents at their workplace.

Laura is a lifelong student to yoga as there is always so much to learn and she invites everyone she meets to give it a try. Her response to those who say they “can’t do Yoga” is “if you can breath and you can focus your attention, even if only for a second, you can do Yoga.”

In wellness,


Snorkeling Adventures in the Turks & Caicos

Healthy, thriving reefs around Pine Cay are a wonderful way to explore Caribbean marine life

It’s another beautiful morning on Pine Cay, and after a hearty breakfast which includes the famous breakfast burrito, we contemplate our options for the day’s activities.  Today is a perfectly calm day.  The glassy ocean beckons.  Before we can change our minds – and instead pick up a book in favor of lounging at our private beachfront tiki – we decide that we cannot pass up the opportunity to go out on the daily snorkeling trip.


Driving along the sandy road in the battery-operated golf cart, the heat announces itself in earnest and we are anxious to find relief in the cool waters off Pine Cay.

We quickly pick out our masks, snorkels and fins from the large selection available at the Marina and board the Reef Runner.  Captain Raymond, a 30+ year ocean veteran, briefs us on the safety features of the boat and welcomes us to another glorious day of snorkeling in the colorful reefs off Pine Cay.  Off we go!


The Reef Runner skims across the pale blue-green water, past the 3 pelicans hunting at the homeowners’ dock and heads toward the open ocean.  We speed past the bank of white sand at Fort George Cay, taking in the startling postcard-perfect contrast between the powdery sand and the crystalline waters.


Less than 15-minutes away await The Gardens, a vibrant carpet of sponge, boulder and brain corals that are the playground for a fantastic assortment of fish.  Once the anchor is lowered, Captain Raymond instructs us on the current flow, reminds us where we should swim and cautions us against swimming too close to the coral lest we cause any damage.  With instructions completed he lowers the stairs, tosses in the safety ring and tells us to enjoy.


We need no further incentive to jump in.  The clear water is just the soothing balm we are seeking to cool off from the heat.  And within seconds we are off exploring the myriad of fish and corals.  It is quickly apparent why snorkeling in the Turks and Caicos Islands is such a delight.

Schools of fish go by in shimmering curtains; the corals appear to be breathing as tiny fish dart in and out of the colorful globes.  All around the hazy light and the buoyant waters cocoon us in a mesmerizing underwater adventure park.  There’s so much to left to see yet it’s so fascinating to hover over one area and simply lose oneself in this little section of The Gardens.  We bob around for a while before venturing further afield, every once in a while coming up to check our bearings.


We see Angelfish, Surgeonfish, and small Barracuda; there is a breathtaking array of fish around us and countless, brightly colored ones we can’t identify.   We are hoping to see some rays but that may have to wait for another day.

We return to the Reef Runner feeling quite satisfied with our adventure and glance over the fish charts to see if we can identify any more fish, but our limited knowledge about ocean life and our fish-like memories leave something to be desired.


As we head back to the Pine Cay Marina, the breeze drying our hair and suits we take in the serene vistas along our course.  The Meridian Club is home for another 5 nights.  Weather permitting we will be back out tomorrow morning to look for rays.

Private Island with Airport

For guests of The Meridian Club

The snorkel boat leaves the Marina around 10:30am each morning and is a wonderful way for guests at The Meridian Club to experience the beauty of the waters around Pine Cay and to enjoy the brilliant marine life with an experienced Captain.  If you are interested in joining the daily excursion simply add your name to the list in the reception area and head down to the marina where your boat awaits.