Pine Cay

Pine Cay is located on the upper right-hand tip of the crucible-shaped island of Providenciales. Accessible by boat and private aircraft, and blessedly under developed, this private island is a throwback to the simplicity of a bygone era. Determined to protect its pristine environment and sensitive ecosystems, the Meridian Club delivers a restful and refreshing alternative to the bustle of the surrounding islands.

Turks and Caicos Islands

Located southeast of the Bahamian archipelago, the Turks and Caicos comprise a string of islands, islets and cays located in Atlantic Ocean on the border with the Caribbean Sea. With daily direct flights from several North American cities, and only a 90-minute flight from Miami, FL, the Turks and Caicos provide a quick escape to sunshine and sandy white beaches. The islands are a hub of cosmopolitan activity with banking and tourism the mainstays of the thriving economy.