For the Love of Nature

The flora and fauna of Pine Cay showcase stunning diversity and will leave you in awe of the wildlife that calls the Turks and Caicos Islands their home.

Snorkeling and diving around Pine Cay and Provo are some of the best you will find around the world as a result of the National Parks Ordinance which protects a significant portion of the coastline. From the massive carpets of giant brain corals, elegant fan and plume corals, and a variety of branching and blade corals, to the vibrant sea life that suffuses the depths of the clear waters, the islands offer a enchanting underwater landscape awaiting discovery and promising delight. Swim with the menacing-looking barracuda and the ethereal schools of angelfish - the sea around Pine Cay pulses with life. And seasonally, the deep channel which cleaves through the islands is a busy migratory route for fish, rays, dolphins, whales and turtles.

Pine Cay is an exciting place for birdwatchers as the island is home to several species and a hospitable resting place for migratory birds. Guests to Pine Cay will encounter Pelicans, Herons, Egrets, Flamingos, Frigatebirds, Geese, and many more bird species.

Equally delightful is the unique flora of Pine Cay. Along the white sand beaches railroad vines enchant with their vibrant flowers which resemble morning glory, and on the island’s sandy roads guests will experience the tree of life, Lingnum Vitae, which bursts into a display of indigo flowers when in bloom. The island itself is unique with three distinct vegetation zones, including a pine forest with two or three subspecies of pine, low-growing shrub, and dense scrub and palmetto. Recently, the Caicos Pines on Pine Cay have been the subject of research and in-situ monitoring, as the particular pines which grow on the island show a resistance to the Pine Tortoise Scale, a devastating infestation.

Pine Cay is also home to iguanas, and you will know that an iguana is close by when you see the slender, swish marks their tails make on the sandy roads. Often these reptiles can be found sunning themselves at the Aquarium. To truly appreciate the iguanas an excursion to Little Water Cay, also known as Iguana Island, will let you get close to a population of several hundred. Conservation efforts and few predators on Little Water Cay, make this an ideal environment for the Turks and Caicos Rock Iguana to thrive.

Enjoy the abundance of marine, avian, and floral life when vacationing on Pine Cay. It’s all around you - while you swim in the clear waters, cycle along the sandy highways or gaze up into the brilliant, cloudless sky.